Jan. 3rd, 2012

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I've finished the first draft of my newest m/m Romance - still not sure whether it's going to be Beneath the Surface or All There Is.  But, either way, 60 000 words of men struggling through external obstacles to find each other.  And smoochies.  Hardly any sex, in this one.  There just wasn't much of a place to put it. 

I think I'm happy moving in that direction, anyway.  My publishers tell me that heat sells, and I believe them, but it's just not as much fun for me to write that way.  I mean, if it fits into the story, and if I can find a way to add characterization and plot development and a little bit of banter into it, then, giddyup! But I can't just shoehorn it in where it doesn't belong as a way to add 'flames' to my ratings.  Just doesn't work for me.

So, now I need to let it sit for a while.  I've got to get better at that.  I've got releases scheduled pretty steady from now until July, so there's no rush to get something new on the market, and I think the quality will be much better if I'm able to re-read my draft with fresh eyes in a month or two.  That's my goal.

I think I might also try self-publishing this one. I love working with Dreamspinner, and my experience so far with Samhain has been excellent, but I'm curious about the self-pubbing options.  And, of course, the income.  I want to see how it works out.  Then again, I also want to get something placed with Carina - again, I'm curious!  So maybe I'll sub this one there? 

Anyway, I think I've got a good idea for my next story - YA, which is a bit tricky because it's breaking into a whole new genre, but what the hell?  I'll give it a try! I want to write a kick-ass heroine who ISN'T supernatural or futuristic or anything else that can't really happen.  I'm not knocking the scifi heroines, 'cause I love them, but I want to have a 'real' girl being tough and smart, too.  And I think I have just the girl for the job...

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