Apr. 1st, 2012

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Well, no, not completely. But a little!

I have a new release coming out tomorrow, Shining Armor. It's a new publisher for me (Liquid Silver Books) so I don't really know what their process is (eg. will it it be released only on their website for a while and then go to other distributors, etc.). But that's not the big difference.

The big difference is Tara. My first female romantic lead. Yikes!

I like her. She's far from perfect, and a bit spoiled, but she's trying NOT to be spoiled, so that counts for something, right? And she's having a tough time right now. Her best-friend-forever, who is also her business partner (horse barn!), was just in a serious car accident. And that would be bad enough, but the BFF's brother is coming back to town in response to the accident. The same brother who Tara crushed on for most of her adolescent life, until the brother left town without a backwards glance, leaving his sister and Tara to struggle on without him.

It's not some revolutionary, change-the-romance-genre-forever story, but I like it. I like the characters, and the plot. But I can't deny it... Tara is female. Nobody's gay. Oh, wait, actually, somebody IS gay, but he doesn't get any action. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, I'm terrible at promotion, so this is about it. If you sometimes like to spice up your m/m diet with a little het, give Shining Armor a try. If you're a m/m diehard, on the other hand, you'd better stay away. But maybe you have a friend who only likes m/f, and that friend would like a recommendation?

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