May. 2nd, 2012

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I've been busy writing.

I'm working on this dystopian series (whore with heart of silver, rich guy with brain of mush) and I'm really enjoying it, but I'm really not sure what it's turning into. The whore is broken, and it's going to take a long time for him to recover to the point where he can actually trust and love anyone, which I think is realistic... but it means I have to fill a lot of space in the books with stuff that really isn't romance! So I'm not quite sure what I'm writing - the series as a whole definitely fits the Romance rules, but the middle book especially is spending a lot of time on stuff that I'm worried might kind of be like those Intergalactic Trade Wars in the new Stars Wars series... and who really cared about the Intergalactic Trade Wars?!?

So I'm waffling on the self-publishing, AGAIN! It might be nice to have a professional opinion on this one. Maybe my first self-published book should be a straightforward contemporary Romance, not a sprawling SciFi extravaganza.

Other than that... I've been doing some reading! I finally read Dani Alexander's Shattered Glass, and really enjoyed it, although there were a few spots where I got a bit lost. The characters were real and interesting, though, and really, that's what I care about in a novel. And I read Tigers and Devils, which I liked, but not as much as I'd has SUCH a great reputation so maybe I was expecting too much. For me, though, the final conflict wasn't very satisfying. I couldn't figure out what the hell the characters were so mad about! And I read Janey Chapel's False Start; which I liked very much. I wish it had been a novel, though - I wanted more details and a more active participation in a lot of the events. Still, a good read!

Other than that? I've been cleaning up after the winter, trying to get the garden in shape, and planting fruit trees! I love the idea of having a little orchard, and if I have the space... why not? Now we'll see if they survive.

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