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New Cover! (with another woman!!!)

I do love getting new covers!

I don't think there's an official blurb for this one yet, but...

As punishment for a romantic indiscretion, Megan Archer is sent to Shadow Valley, Montana, with an impossible task.  Representing the governor, she’s expected to promote cooperation between the local police who want to focus on the meth trade, and the federal agencies who only care about the marijuana coming across the Canadian border.  The one thing that everyone agrees on is that Joe Cody is bad news.  He’s an alleged murderer, suspected drug king pin, and the achingly gorgeous man who saved Megan from a car wreck her first day in town.   

As Megan digs deeper into the police conflict, she uncovers evidence of police corruption, but wants to be sure of the facts before she makes an official report.  She waits too long.

Cut off from civilization in the remote Montana wilderness, Megan has to fight against the authorities she’s spent her life respecting.  Her only ally is Joe Cody, who has his own reasons to distrust the police.  She knows  that’s not enough; their common enemy shouldn’t be enough to make them friends, and their mutual attraction shouldn’t be enough to make them lovers.  But this is Shadow Valley.  If Megan wants to get out alive, she needs to stop paying so much attention to what she knows, and start going by what she feels.