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kate_sherwood ([personal profile] kate_sherwood) wrote2012-06-28 07:05 pm

Amazon Pages - the newest thing!

There is an absolute craze going through some of the online writers' communities with people trying to get "likes" for their Amazon author pages. Apparently something good happens? Maybe? But if you don't forward the message to ten friends within three days, someone you love will... wait, that's chain letters. The Amazon page is, possibly, different.

Anyway, here's a picture of a little girl kissing a horse. I didn't take the picture, and I don't own it. If you DO own it, and don't want me using it, let me know and I'll remove it.

But in the meantime... if you like  the picture, you could show your appreciation by clicking "Like"... but not HERE! You can click Like at my Amazon author page!!! (Yeah, I'm trying to use a picture of a happy child/animal interaction to manipulate an Amazon ranking program that may not even exist. Whatcha gonna do about it?)