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State of the Writing

I'm working on my Dark Horse Christmas story. It was SUPPOSED to be a cross-novel mix, having characters from one story interact with characters from a different story, but I couldn't think of conflicts for most of my guys to have. For most of them, their HEA is FIRM, damn it, and I couldn't think of ways to shake them from their HEAs that wouldn't be either out of character or way too traumatic for a fluffy Xmas story.

But my Dark Horse boys always give me an extra serving of drama. It's still not going to be an angst fest, I don't think, but there's stuff going on, at least.

Now, who do we need to see in the story?

Dan, Evan and Jeff, obviously, with BABY!
maybe Taylor? was that his name? Dan's pretty-boy ex, with the son.
anyone else?

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This is exciting! I have nothing to contribute, but it's exciting!

(Anonymous) 2012-08-30 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
I will never get tired of them!
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Tia. I bet she'll fuss over the baby more than Jeff or Evan. Except that she'll know what she's doing :D
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Phew! You had me worried there *g*


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