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Wow, it's been I while since I blogged!

But I'm back with exciting news - today is release day for The Pawn, Book One in a two-book series called Against the Odds.

The official blurb?

Adam Challoner was born a member of the wealthy elite, but he can’t forget that his power and comfort come from the suffering of the vast underclass—people oppressed by the very regime that keeps him safe. Living with that knowledge is uncomfortable to say the least. When Adam meets Remy Stone, his discomfort becomes intolerable.

Get in, seduce his target, give him all he could ever dream of, then get out—that’s Remy’s assignment. No man has ever been able to resist Remy before, but Adam Challoner is unlike any of Remy’s previous clients. In a world where Big Brother is always watching, Remy needs to perform his assigned duties in order to survive, but Adam seems to be as oblivious to that as he is to Remy’s charms.

Luckily, Remy’s determination to accomplish his mission piques Adam’s interest. But just when Remy’s hard work starts to pay off, a rebel bomb attack interrupts their would-be tryst. Unforeseen circumstances force them apart, then throw them back together. And just as they discover new reasons to live, they realize some things are worth dying for.

The less official blurb?

This one took a long time to write, but I’m really pleased with where it ended up. The dystopic setting was a bit of a challenge, but at its core the book is absolutely a love story. I’m really looking forward to its release and I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

It's available now at Dreamspinner Press and should be available at other outlets sometime today or tomorrow.

There are already a couple reviews posted, too!



I hope you like it!

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