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The m/m Romance group over at Goodreads is having a fun...thing. I don't know what it is, exactly: not really a contest, just a... a function? Whatever. Anyway, members of the community post pictures (naughty pictures, mostly!) and short prompts about what they think is happening in the picture, and then authors come and 'claim' prompts and write stories about them.

And then...I don't quite know, actually. I should probably pay closer attention to the details of these things. I guess the stories get posted throughout July? Or e-mailed to people? No, probably posted, because they wanted the story in html. And then at some point they're glommed together into a downloadable anthology...although possibly not all stories are included in the anthology?

I don't know. But I claimed my picture, and I wrote my story, and I think it's a good, light read. It's not high drama, just a couple boys trying to figure out that they're meant to be together. And it's SHORT, which is something I'm playing with. Only 7 200 words.

Anyway, if you're not a member of the Goodreads m/m group, you might want to check it out. And if you ARE - free stories in July! And some of the prompt photos are VERY interesting...
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Okay, aside from the new release, I also have an interview out today! It's my first one! I know, I should be better at promotion, but I'm usually busy writing. Anyway, SJD Peterson has got a lovely blog, with interviews and reviews from the world of m/m publishing, and I just happen to be the featured author this week. Fun!

See: http://sjdpeterson.blogspot.com
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Well, not yet. But Dark Horse has been chosen as one of the Free Books on the All Romance E-Books Twelve Days of Christmas promo. It's free on December 18, so if you haven't got your copy yet, make sure to sign up!

Well, I'm a big talker - I can't quite get the 'subscribe' button to work. But you can give it a try, here. Maybe it just doesn't like me.
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If anyone's interested:

This year let Dreamspinner make your eBook dreams come true. Each day from Dec. 26- Dec. 31, we will draw one name from the customers that purchased during the month of December to win every eBook on their wish list.
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I've gotten loads of positive feedback on Dark Horse, and it's all been totally appreciated, but I had not yet received a five-star review from an 'official' review site - until the wise and beautiful ladies at Dark Diva Reviews came along!

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Dark Horse is in the top five best-sellers at ARe for Multiple Partner Romance and Gay Romance e-books. It's number seven for overall erotica at the same site.

And it's been on the Dreamspinner Press best seller list since its release.

Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy!

Check back soon for deleted scenes, etc. - as soon as I get permission from the publisher!
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Dark Horse is currently:

#10 in Books > Gay & Lesbian > Literature & Fiction > Erotica > Gay
#46 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Gay & Lesbian

at Amazon. I know they're niche markets, but still, I'm pretty pumped!

And it's the Number One 'Reader Rated' book at AllRomance e-books.

This is fun!
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Dark Horse is in the top five in two categories at AllRomance e-books:

Highest Rated Gay e-books and Highest Rated Multiple Partners e-books.

I really have no idea how that translates into sales, but I won't ask too many questions!

And a 4 star review from Jessewave reviews. Again, I'm not sure about how many people read that site, or how it will translate into sales, but I'm sure it won't hurt.
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Remember how I was having trouble setting things up at the GLBT Bookshelf site? I was editing, and saving, and everything seemed fine, and then when I checked the published page, none of the damn changes showed up. Incredibly frustrating.

Can you guess what the problem was? I was making the changes to the GLBT Bookshelf page, but I was checking the Goodreads page. Shockingly, the changes I made at one site didn't magically transfer to the other site.

That'll teach me to set up two new accounts in one day...
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Dark Horse is set for release on June 11, a week from today! It's getting pretty exciting, I'd say.

I've tried to up my 'social networking' activities in honour of the occasion - I finally signed up for Goodreads, and it's really pretty fun - I made up a quiz for Dark Horse - it's multiple choice, so there's not a lot of depth or complexity to the questions, but it was fun. And when I took it, I got 100% right! I'm a genius!

I'm also trying to activate my membership at the GLBT Bookshelf, but something seems to have gone wonky with that, so I'm not sure when I'll be up and ready there.

I use different internet browsers for different purposes, and I use Google Chrome for all this writing business. So I add buttons to the toolbar whenever I join a new site - so far I've got gmail, LiveJournal, Facebook, Blogger (just links to my other blog site), Dreamwidth, my own Website, the Easy Counter site for my website, and now Goodreads! If I add the GLBT Bookshelf link, the bar will be filled right up, which is just as well...I've got writing to do, I can't spend ALL my time networking!


May. 9th, 2010 09:20 pm
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Trying to figure out the whole website thing - not my favourite way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Still, check it out here, and see how I'm doing.

Well, actually, it's still showing up as under construction. I wonder if I did something wrong, or if it just takes time to get activated? Hmmm... Fixed it. Apparently there's no www at the start of the address. I wonder what that means? (Internet-savvy, I am not!)

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