Date: 2012-09-18 11:50 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It would be so difficult for me to make a suggestion without knowing the character, but I do hope that you don't go with chicken pox or any other childhood communicable disease. First, there is a vaccine for chicken pox now, usually given well before age 6, so that might not be a good fit for your story. But more importantly, chicken pox can have serious sequelae--rare fortunately, but still real, so I hope people aren't still deliberately exposing their kids (or parents) to a preventable disease. Then of course, there is also the link to chicken pox and shingles in adults who have not either had the disease or the vaccine. Oh, and it can be disastrous should a pregnant woman contract chicken pox. [End dreary public service announcement.] I've just begun all of your Dark Horse books and stories, and I am such a fan, so I hope that I don't sound too prissy . . .

I do have a question, since I began reading things out of sequence, and I'm not entirely untangled yet. Is the Christmas story with all the boys published yet, or does it have a public title that I can watch for? I know that you have stated more than once that the boys are fine, but clearly lots of us readers are anxious to peek in on them. And oh gosh, if you'd ever even consider suggestions about Chris and where that could go, well, I bet lots of your readers have ideas there! You'll maybe at least concede that the development of the power dynamic of Chris and Ryan was just beginning?

I also found your post about writing m/m versus m/f characters and plots interesting, and I have a couple of thoughts about that. Don't suppose you'd ever check back in on that,or be interested in discussing it further?

At any rate, I'm looking forward to catching up with more of your writings, across both settings and genres, so thank you!


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