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In case anyone was waiting to order... Trifecta is now being distributed at all the usual outlets Amazon, etc.
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I've heard of 'Dear Author', of course: I'm not THAT much of a neophyte. But I don't really read their reviews. I don't really do MUCH book related stuff that isn't writing, anymore...I need to take a writing vacation just to get caught up on my reading!

But, anyway, when Google Alerts told me that 'Dear Author' had posted a review of Trifecta, I was excited. And I toddled over to their site (how does one 'toddle' on the internet - I'm not sure, but I manage!), and found the review. It seemed pretty favorable, really. The criticism made sense, and there was lots of nice stuff said. But then I got to the bottom, and the grade was a "B". I was a bit deflated. All that nice stuff, and only a "B"?

So, I decided to ignore them for a while. It wasn't hard, since I'm drowning in work right now. But then I thought I should go back and read over the criticism again, to make sure I was absorbing it (I DO try to learn from reviews, when I can), and I took a look at some of the other books they've reviewed. And I think they're just working on a different marking scheme than the one I've become used to. There really weren't many highly-graded books on the bar along the top of the page. I checked other books that got "B"s and found Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan. The first sentence of the review was "I adored this book" - and it still only got a "B"! So I feel better, now. I got a "B" from Dear Author. Yay! (?)
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Okay, the communication went wonky somewhere, but apparently Trifecta is out! More shocking than exciting, right now, but the 'exciting' is coming on hard down the backstretch, and I'm sure it's going to win the race.

Mark and Alistair think they’re happy with their open relationship -- they can have all the anonymous sex they want, and still come home to each other for love and affection. That changes when they discover that they’ve both hooked up with the same guy, and, worse, that they’re both falling for him.

Tyler is a take-it-as-it-comes type, happy to coast through life on his good looks and charm. He doesn’t have ambitions and doesn’t make plans, but when he finds himself involved with Mark and then Alistair, he starts wishing that he could have something more long-term.

Nobody has any doubt that sex between the three of them would be fantastic, considering how hot things are when there’s only two involved. But can they make it something more? Is the threesome destined to be a scorching memory, or can they find a way to overcome their challenges and hit the trifecta?

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