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Lost Treasure is up now at the Dreamspinner site, here.

I still love those legs on the cover! And I love the story, too - I seem to have a thing for guys who try to bury their feelings but end up being totally unable to carry it off. And I'm a total sucker for guys who are good dads, especially to their sons, so - yeah. I like it!
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Dreamspinner has set a release date of October 25 for Lost Treasure. Four more weeks!

I'm starting to get excited...
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Lost Treasure is in the editing process at Dreamspinner Press - watch for its release in October!

Now I'm working on, I think, a m/f romance - it's still in the planning stages. We'll see how it goes.
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First draft is done and ready to send to my beautiful betas!

I think I'm pleased with it. It's smaller than the Dark Horse epic, both in length and in scope. I was trying for a quieter story, and I think I got it, but I hope there's still enough drama to make it interesting.

But my angst-loving, melodramatic side is bursting! Where are my beautiful, tortured heroes? I need them back! I think my next story is definitely going to be more in that direction - I'm thinking of getting back to the horses, too.

How about - the Main Character is a damaged drifter who doesn't care about himself or anyone else (except, of course, for horses!). And then I think I'd like to try the duo point of view thing, so Main Character two is an innocent small-town boy, finally brave enough to venture out and explore the gay scene, and instead of meeting someone gentle and kind, he meets Damaged Drifter, who hooks up with Mr. Innocent and moves on. Or, he tries to. But something (to be determined) throws them together, and Mr. Innocent eventually breaks through the layers of damage and finds the Drifter's heart. I don't know, obviously it's chock full of cliches, but - they're cliches for a reason, right? Because they're HOT!

Or maybe instead of Mr. Innocent, it's another Damaged Man. Less cliched, maybe? Two fragments of men find each other and become whole (okay, yeah, put like that, it sounds pretty cliched. Damn.)

Possibly a twist - Drifter hooks up with Mr. Innocent, tries to move on, can't for whatever reason, but stays away from Mr. Innocent, but then Drifter sees Mr. Innocent about to hook up with Damaged Man 2. Drifter is moved by some tiny thread of compassion (or maybe self-interest) to try to warn Mr. Innocent. There's some sort of tension between the two damaged men, and probably some sex, 'cause, why the hell not? But we won't forget Mr. Innocent, and the two damaged men somehow realize that they like him/need him (or something), and then, tada! We're back in the land of threesomes! Even though my pronoun frustration with the last one made me swear to never write another...

Hmmmm...time for some thinking.

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