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When I posted my pictures of the Light Festival last year, there were a couple of people who said they would love to visit it. So here's a shout out to all of you to come over to Amsterdam this winter!

The Amsterdam Light Festival WATER exposition will take place from 30 November 2017 until 21 January 2018. There will be light art installations all over the canals that will be lit between 17:00 and 23:00 (that's 5-11 pm;). The best way to experience them is on a boattour, but it's also possible to see them (for free!) when walking or cycling through town.

In addition there is a freely accessible LAND exposition from 14 December until 7 January which is not in the city this time, but on a special location near the station (walking distance:).

If you missed my photo-reports from previous years or you want a reminder how cool this artfestival is, check out my picspams from last winter: Illuminade walk & Water Colors boattour or the edition before that: A short stroll in my LJ & Family boattour in my Blog

I will definitely visit the festival again. Feel free to PM or mail me if you want to meet up and/or need a place to stay (I live about an hour and a half from Amsterdam by public transport:).

See you in December? January?

Also: I've updated my Masterlist of artsy fiddling;
I've added 7 (SEVEN!) new artposts to the list.
Go see if you missed anything:
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