Jun. 30th, 2013

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I've got three books on their way to publication - a two book series that should come out December 2013 and February 2014, and a LONG single book for April 2014 or so. No contracts signed yet so I'm not naming publishers, but I figure when they give you a publication date, it's close enough for at least a preliminary announcement!

AND I've got a fun summer writing project. I want to write a series, centred around a Melrose Place type building in Vancouver's West End. (The building is made up, but the West End is a lovely gay village and I know it well enough to write it pretty well, I think). I want to do novels and novellas, free short stories, all about the different inhabitants of the building and their love lives. Kind of a sexed-up Armistead Maupin, maybe? Well, a different style of writing, obviously - I'm not bold enough to imitate the master! But a similar framework. I hope it works.

I think I'll self-publish it, just for maximum flexibility. I'll try to get one cover image, I think, or at least a common backdrop and font, maybe with different characters in front? Or maybe just a different wash of colour over the image... I don't know. Time to consult some cover artists!

Anyway, I'm excited about the books I've got coming up, and I'm excited about the new series... this writing thing is FUN!

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